How we are after the vote

So our church voted to stay with the ELCA a few weeks back.  It was one of the most moving mornings of my life. Sadly we lost a few families and members.  The week after there was still a weird feeling when I went for meetings or Sunday School.  We only had three children in our class last week in Sunday School and it was big day when we had a special celebration about the Reformation. 

There was also the need to fill some positions on the council and also positions on committees and various ministries.  Our church body has felt a loss.  It’s hard, I don’t know how people feel and I don’t want to seem my normal happy self when people are hurting, but I also know we need to move on and heal our congregation. 

It’s hard to explain, church is like my home.  It’s quiet sometimes and it’s fun and uplifting and it’s full of people who love God and share my beliefs.  I always felt so warm and welcomed at church and now I feel like I am walking on eggshells and I get sad to see people with so much hurt. Lost relationships, lost hope , lost connections.  I can only pray and ask God to heal us and carry on forward as a family and a congregation.

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