Clothes that make the kid

I have a confession to make I sometimes worry about my kids clothes.  I remember growing up and knowing you had to have the in clothes.  In my youth that was Guess, Espirit and later Gap & J.Crew.  I remember how cruel and unincluded you were if you had old clothes and generic shoes.  That was such pressure to have to dress right as a kid and I still wasn’t one of the super cool kids, even though my mom stretched to try to get me the best clothes. 

So when I buy my kids clothes at Walmart & K-Mart, I wonder if other kids will say anything to them.  I see the kids in Columbia coats, gap clothes, aeropostle, hollister.  My daughter wears all hand me downs from my best friends daughter.  I don’t care.  They still look cute and we save money.  My kids are still young and I know someday it will happen.  Then what?  How do I explain to my kids, that clothes don’t make you cool or happy? How do I tell them that most things that are important in your childhood life don’t mean anything as you get older?  How do I make sure they are confident and content with themselves, something I never was?  I can only take it one day at a time.


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