4th grade

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4th grade was my favorite year of school.  Nothing before or after was as great as fourth grade.  My teacher was awesome.  She loved animals and reading.  She took us to visit her parents farm and we got to bird watch and our class worked hard to build a nature walking trail behind our school.  I loved birds ever since then.  She kept a jar on her desk for marbles and when the class did something good she put marbles in the jar.  At the end when it was filled we had a treat party.  She used to bring us iced animal cookies to eat, they were so yummy.  She read us James Harriot books.  She also read us this really good book about a horse and it had hurt leg and someone would rub ligiment on it each day to heal it (to this day I wish I knew the name so I could read it again). This helped to bring about my love of horses. When I was younger my dad and mom used to take me to the theater to see all the black stallion movies.  I remember gettins so moved by them.  In fourth grade our teacher also showed us National Velvet and April Morning. 

Each year on Thanksgiving my aunt would take us by train to Philadelphia for the big parade.  One year it was pouring down with rain, so she cut a hole in a garbage bag and that became an impromptu raincoat.  We got on the news, the Philadelphia Inquirer & were interviewed on the radio, for staying in the cold rain wearing garbage bag raincoats.

The only other big thing about 4th grade was the fact that we lived near a nuclear power plant.  In fourth grade our teacher also read a book about some kids who lived near a plant that had a meltdown.  Until then, I didn’t pay it any mind, but then for a long time I was always scared something would happen.  My best friends dad worked there and I was still really scared.  Over time that fear went away.  When I moved away and came back for a visit that was one of the signs of being near home that made me feel at home.  I never thought much of it until I told people when I lived away and they were really freaked out.  I guess you get used to it. 

Fourth grade was my last year of living at home with my parents.  I didn’t know at the time how much my life would change, at school, my personal life and the rest of my life.


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