AN important milestone

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This was a tough one.  I would like to say my first job, first apartment, graduating college or any of those other milestones in the life of a young adult.  But I guess I felt like I had made it to young adulthood by the time I was 25.  25 seemed so old to me when I was 20.  A few years after I turned 25 I would start to see the phrase quarter life crisis, which I loved. 

When I was 25 I had been living overseas without any family for about three years.  I had been in my first professional job, learned how to carry myself in business meetings, learned to be organized, learned to make friends without knowing anyone to make introductions, learned to budget money, learned to pay bills, learned about my retirement account, learned the 7 habits of highly successful people, learned that I could go to the SPCA and adopt 2 cats and no one had to give me permission, learned to cook, learned to clean my bathroom, learned to ride a moped in the rain dressed like the Gordon’s fisherman on the wrong side of the road, learned to make my own doctors yearly checkups, learned to take myself to the hospital ER, learned what it was like to be hung over on my birthday when the phone keeps ringing, learned how nice Spa days are, learned who my best friends in the world were, learned how much I missed my family, learned how cool it was to get care packages with Easter candy, learned to be a wife, learned disappointment, learned not all bosses are nice, learned to make friend completely different of me, learned other viewpoints and opened my mind, learned that cricket is kind of boring but the parties are fun, learned to fly for awhile without panic attacks, learned more about myself, learned to be a mentor, and really just learned that the further you go in your twenties and thirties the easier life becomes.  You don’t need to impress people, they should like you for who you are.  At the end of my twenties I would learn that as hard as you try to leave home, sometimes it brings you back and you know that’s where you belong and all life experiences make you stronger for it.


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