5th Grade

My fifth grade teacher was a brand new teacher.  She had never taught before and we were her first class.  I used to love school, but by fifth grade I was starting to worry about fitting in and this was also the year my parents divorce was final and I went to live with my grandparents.  So it was an awkward year for me.  My teacher told my mom at a conference that she really didn’t like kids.  Can you imagine?  I used to love science and it was in fifth grade that started to fade, and I lost that love. 

The Babysitters club books were very popular when I was in fifth and sixth grade and I would read them.  It was nice to relate to the girl whose parents were divorced.  Even though she lived in a nice development and I definately did not.  No one else I knew had divorced parents back then and that made me feel odd also.  Another book I really loved was Dollhouse Murders.  I was big into my dollhouse and decorating it and going to miniature shows.  I also loved to read Country Living, it could be living with my grandmother caused this, because not many 5th graders say that, but I was hooked and it was something my grandmother and I shared. 

I had an art teacher all through elementary school who wore Liz Clairborne perfume.  I didn’t know it at the time but years later when I would first smell it, it took me back to many happy times in art class.  She was so exotic, a world traveler and I loved to hear her stories.  I was also in art classes after school for oils and drawing and I loved it.  My grandmother also put me in a kids in the kitchen class, and I thought it was fun, but cooking didn’t connect with me until I was married and even then until after I had my kids. 

In 5th grade I got my first skis.  My aunt took me and I was awful at it.  Years later I’m still not that good, but I am trying so I can ski with my son and he loves it.  He is fearless something I never was.  In fifth grade we had a winter craft show.  I took my aunt and grandmother and I remember making little snow globes with baby food jars and glitter.  I couldn’t wait to take it home because like most other grandmothers mine had more decorations for each holiday than anything I’d ever seen.  I loved to decorate her house at Christmas.  We’d make cookies too.  On the night of the craft show, my aunt took us for a drive.  It was starting to snow and it was a beautiful clear night and we drove through the country near some old churches and looked for deer in the fields.  Everything was beautiful and peaceful and I hold this memory like it was yesterday, I think because it was one of the only calm times for me that year. 

We also would make Easter eggs the old fashioned way with onion skins in the spring.  My grandparents gave me an amazing old fashioned upbringing.  My grandfather would always tell me the story of when he was a kid and he was the best speller in school and they had a bee and some little girl beat him and she won a chocolate bunny, so he was so mad he bit the ears off.  That always made me laugh and I started telling my son that story. 

Another thing my grandparents would remind me of was a time I went shopping with my grandmother and she needed some votive candles, so she put them in the cart and I was sitting on top with her purse.  We went through and paid and it was the next day she went in her purse and saw the candles, I had appharently stuck them in her purse, I was maybe 2 or 3.  So she went back and explained what happened and paid.  That was always something to remind me of her character because not many people would go back, and I liked hearing that story.

My other memory around then was the first time I went to the King of Prussia mall. If you are from the East Coast you know of this monsterous mall.  My aunt took my to kiddie city, which was the biggest store I had ever seen and also the biggest toy store I had ever seen.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed. 

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