So I am really one of those natural organizer people. I mean I can go to the grocery store and see some boxes out of order and the shelf and I’ll probably fix them.  Here is my thankful list of things that keep me organized:

-my family.  If I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t need to be organized.  As the chief mom officer (CMO) of my homestead one of my jobs is to keep everything running smoothly for all of them and myself

-prayer. wow if I didn’t get a chance to pray all day long,I would not be able to keep on top of all that I do as a mom and as a volunteer.

-my calendar.  I love my calendar, it is one of the only ways I can keep things so organized.  I have it all in my calendar and yes it’s the old fashioned paper kind

-notepaper.  I have notepaper everywhere, the car, the nightstand, all over the house.  Because I need to do a brain dump all the time.  I have a mind that works fast and if I need to remember something I need to get it down on paper because my mind is already going to the next thing

-my netbook.  I love my little computer.  I was lucky enough that my husband got it for me as a gift this past year, because I was constantly having to wait until him or my son were off the other computers and my files would always get messed up.  So now I have my own and it’s wonderful.

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