There is sometimes bad

I learned that someone at my church may or may not be someone you would not want around your kids.  Now how stupid do I feel in retrospect? I’ve never left my kids alone with this person, but this person has talked to and hugged my kids.  Why if people know is he there helping?  If there is a question at all why is he there helping? How do I go from telling my kids that he’s someone to say hi to, to telling them to stay far away, never walk off with and never be alone with this person?  As parents we worry about everything and sometimes you feel like you can relax and let your guard down, like at church where you feel comfortable, but I guess not.  I mean do we leave and go to another church because I feel slightly decieved? From now on do I just naturally not trust anyone I don’t know straight away? I mean really, I love my church and the activities I am involved in and that the kids are involved in, so why did this have to come to light? I know there’s a reason for everything, I am thinking maybe so I would be careful with my kids and not be too trusting, but now I’m just nervous. A momma’s heart is never content.


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