A-Zed organize

Sorry I had to write Zed, that’s how my husband says it and it’s pretty cool.  Anyway here is my A-Z list for being organized:

A- appliances that are small, find them a home not on the kitchen counter & while you are at it, limit the # you have, do you need that tea maker & hand blender or could you donate it

B-boxes.  Not the cardboard kind, the nice storage kind they sell at places like Ikea and Lowe’s get them for all the toys that creep all over your house

C- calmness.  not everyday will go as you please or be as clean as you like, that’s life

D-daily to do.  List the 3 or 4 most important things you like done to feel organized (ie. clean litter, make beds, clean counters, vacuum, wipe windows)

E-envelope folder.  I keep a small plastic one for all bills to be paid, receipts,discount cards, medical bills, heating bills and organize it all once a year

F- flashlight, instead of having a tv in my kids rooms, they have flashlights.  It helps them feel safe and there is not a tv in the room

G-goals.  I write down little goals and long term goals and look at them and work towards them

H-holders I have holders for everything in drawers and closets and desk supplies

I- ingredients I have lots of ingredients on hand, so if one night I don’t feel like making a proper meal we have an alternative to take away

J-juice boxes.  I have a no juice boxes in the house rule for kids under 3.  I learned when my toddler was squeezing them all over the house and I would find sticky floors later on

K-keepsakes.  I used to keep everything.  now I have several folders for my husband and I and one big box and folder for each of my kids and one small box of a few baby outfits.  anything I inherited from others I place where we can enjoy it now, not in a cupboard

L-lemon verbanna cleaning products from mrs meyers- love them

M-money jar. I have a spare change jar for silver coins for the kids offering at church and a penny jar I take to coinstar when its full and get amazon certs

N-neat.  I try to keep all things neat, everything has a home and a place

O-organizer. I have the old fashioned daily planner that works awesome.  I keep it all in there and it helps a lot

P-purpose.  when I am feeling down when cleaning the bathroom or annoyed, I just think how blessed I am to have a bathroom and also how this is one of my purposes as a mom to clean for the family

Q- q-tips.  you can clean all those nicks and crannies on the computer, dishwasher, you can apply glue or paint on projects

R- reading materials pared down.  I read through all magazines and catalogs each month and pass them on.  I take anything from them that I want, but that way they aren’t laying around collecting dust

S-soda, as in the baking kind.  Baking soda is my new eco-friendly cheaper cleaner for anything and everything

T-top.  If I stay on top of things they don’t pile up.  Like cleaning the kids clothes each season, purging toys before holidays and birthdays to give to others and donate instead of waiting until it’s out of hand

U-universal bags.  I have bags for all sports, church activities, overnight trips and school all seperate and packed before hand.  Plus I put all the extras in, chapstick and sunscreen for skiing and also for the beach, extra socks and underwear, etc

V-very helpful.  I try to get the kids involved in helping around the house, even little ones can help with things.

W-weekly to do.  Like my daily to do, my calendar is marked with weekly to do things that have to be done

XYZ- All things work when you keep track of them and keep organized.


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