5 things to thank my preemie for

My preemie is a toddler now.  Since this in national prematurity awareness month www.marchofdimes.com  and since yesterday was Thanksgiving here are five things I thank my preemie for:

-Strength.  It takes strength you don’t know you have to have a premature baby. 

-Slowing down.  I was a rush rush person, now I’m not quite as rush.  She made me slow down and savor the moments and the milestones as they happen

-Courage.  Can an infant have courage, I don’t know.  I do know she was a little trooper.  They all are.  They go through so much and it’s hard to know because many of the procedures happen when the parents aren’t around. My little ginger girl smiled while she was in the NICU and that melted my heart and made me think of the positive things.

-Tenderness.  Bringing a baby home is a nervous occasion.  Bringing a preemie home is a delicate matter.  They are used to NICU noises, certain temps, light or no light.  As a mama you watch them sleep and breath and worry about apnia.  You tenderly change the diaper because they are so tiny and seem like little dolls. But they get stronger and so do you

-Prayer.  All the time for the little things and the big things.


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