How not to be an example

So all month I was exploring how to raise my children to be content.  I made several blog posts about the issue and felt rather good that my children aren’t really demanding or that I don’t give into every whim.  What I failed to realize is that while I am trying to encourage them to look at the big picture and not be so demanding, I am sitting off looking at catalogs and websites and going to stores and buying them things. Things they haven’t asked for, things I think they’ll like, things I put on a credit card or bill me later and will wrap up and put under the tree.  Most likely by the end of next summer pieces will be lost or broken or they will have outgrown these same toys and I will be packing them to give away and they still won’t be paid.  Why?  What is up with that?  I know this is the cycle.  I know I do this.  I know that my kids don’t understand credit, but they must realize daddy and I are always talking about bills and things.  So how can I be trying to raise them to be content, when I’m not content?  I’m always looking to buy like the Jones’, looking to get more, make sure the kids can play nicely and enjoy their stuff, but I want them to know there is more than stuff.  So there.  I’ve had a very eye opening experience that I wasn’t planning on discovering with this post.  But I sincerely hope by next year this time, I will have made some spending changes so I can feel like I am leading by example.  It’s funny I think hey I’m not a bad spender, I never buy things for me, but instead I shower my husband and kids with things to show my love, but I know I don’t need to do that.


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