Kate Middleton Top 10

Top Ten Tuesday on www.ohamanda.com

Top ten things I like about Kate Middleton

1. Finally a new Kate, so we can get past the Gosselin one

2. She didn’t say anything publically until the engagement was announced

3.  Her ring is awesome. I loved it on Diana.

4. She has a sister named Pippa- how cool is that?

5. She dresses really well.  She’s prim but not in a plain way.

6. She is going to marry a prince.  For me as an American that is just way too cool.

7. She’s an educated royal wife to be. Unlike the last few.

8. She can pull off hats.  I mean really for someone her age that is remarkable.

9. She went hunting with Prince Charles.  I don’t think I would ever go hunting not even if my father in law to be was a hunter, but still give the girl some credit for that

10. She’s allergic to horses oh and she will soon have her face on tea towels and tea cozies and pot holders- one of the cool benefits of becoming a ruler.


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