Post prompted by www.plinky.com Turkey love it or leave it

I like turkey.  I mean I’m not drooling over the thought of a turkey, but I eat it.  We had two turkeys, one at my mom’s house which was super tender and one from Wegman’s at my grandmothers which was dry.  Either way I was excited.  I am a skin freak.  I was seriously mad because I thought my husband took all the skin from my grandmothers turkey and left me with none.  I know it’s not healthy but I love skin. 

I would love one year to try some deep fried turkey.  This year we got lots of leftovers.  So my favorite thing about turkey is the sandwiches.  On Friday I made one on a whole grain sandwich round with turkey, grainy mustard and cranberry relish and it was delish.  I wanted to add some fried onion bits, but we didn’t have any.  Another great turkey sandwich is turkey, mango chutney and bean sprouts- YUMM.  My family also loves my turkey chili.  I don’t eat chili but it smells good.  So I like turkey to an extent but I am more of a veggie kind of preferer.


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