I wish I could


Wow another week of thinking about debt and diets. Again groceries did me in.  I was over $160 on the weekly shopping trip and then yesterday we went to a store that sells bulk ingredients and I spent $90 that was not accounted for. 

I was reading an article today on yahoo about feeding your family of four on$10 a day http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/111412/feed-a-family-of-4-on-10-a-day Some of the ideas are great, but really my husband is not going to be happy eating pasta every night after working all day.  I have no idea how we can do it.  We have gone bare bones on groceries, I buy store brand, I shop at Superwalmart, we eat at home, I stock my pantry and “shop” from there for ingredients, I cook most meals from scratch and I just don’t get it.  I mean my kids are little, it’s not like I am feeding teens.  I am also not buying steak and shrimp.  It’s a bit more to buy healthy, but it’s not that big of a deal.  I just wish there was a better way. 

Again I am juggling bills to pay others, after paying some small debt down and catching up the bills this week.  I’m tired of phone calls.  I know if I didn’t look at magazines, go online or look at catalogs I wouldn’t be as tempted.  This week we cleaned kids toys and clothes and gave away one bag of toys and 3 small bags of toys. 

It’s hard to be positive when you can’t get past the rut.  It’s hard to cut back when you still have to eat and groceries are so expensive.  I wish I knew the point of time when I started to handle spending in a bad way. 

This week I snacked a lot.  We got some summer sausage and cheeses, one day I had McDonald’s for lunch, I like to treat myself to a Dr. Pepper a few times a week, especially when I don’t feel good and I had some m&m’s at work.  And yes I realize I just said I don’t spend or eat food out, but once in awhile I do.  This week I had to eat on the way to work and I didn’t feel well enough to make lunch, so I did McDonald’s. 

So another week and soon it will be the new year, I hope I can get better with our finances, I really do.


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