Dec last month of the contentment dive



This year I’ve been looking at what makes me content, how my contentment is being met and how I can change and live in the moment.  This is my last month of exploring this topic on my blog.  Have I changed this year?  I think I have.  My husband, son & I just finished making cards, snowflakes and pictures to take to the local nursing home for residents who don’t get many visitors or mail.  This was fun.  My husband never gets in on our “projects” and that kind of upsets me.  But tonight he jumped in and made snowflakes.  He also carried the potatoes and beans into church for the Christmas Day dinner the other day for me. This makes me smile. He used to do lots of community service and volunteering when he was younger, but he doesn’t bother anymore and he doesn’t get involved with us because many of our projects are from church stuff. 

So for a chilly Monday night to sit around and make crafts and cards for other really is a great thing. 

Today my youngest child was sick.  She threw up all over herself in the car and I was so content to be cleaning her up and getting her ready for bed and making her comfortable.  I was also happy to sit and hold her when she woke up.  Doing mama things, that was nice. 

I have discovered less things and less buying and more people time is really a great mood lifter.  It makes you know how blessed you are.  But there are still issues I am working on.  I was watching Grey’s anatomy the other night and while the situation is nothing like that,I could relate to Christina when she was telling Derrick her mind never shuts off.  I am always thinking and doing.  Even at night I wake up and I am dreaming about things I need to do.  I mean really.  I am not that important, I don’t run a country or company.  But I am obessesed with completing things and being organized.  That is something I want to really work on, because I am not in the moment all the time.  And to be in the moment is where I want to be. 


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