Random Thoughts

My child has been sick for two days.  Here are some random thoughts of what life is like with a sick child

-kid throw up reminds me of bad memories from late nights in my college days, I hate that smell

-kids can never throw up in the toilet, it’s always got to be the car, the sofa, the floor, their beds-anything that doesn’t clean easily

-kids can be really sick and 20 mins later be up and playing and fighting over toys, where as adults like to sleep and relax after being sick

-like any other mom there was still laundry to do and groceries to get and dinner to make all while cleaning

-getting to hold and cuddle my toddler was the best part, toddlers are always on the move so to have her sit with me was a nice change

-the things you do when your kid feels bad, I watched Barney over and over and over again today and really those children on there are awful, awful actors- so cheesy

-tomorrow is another day- hopefully a healthier one


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