7th grade

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Ah junior high, remember those days?  The first thing I think of is the canteen, our school had this little area that sold salads and called it the canteen and we had a school store.  The biggest change for me was home-ec.  A class on the domestics of life.  I’m old enough that girls still took home-ec and boys took IA.  I was not a homemaker kind of person.  In fact I never thought I wanted to do anything housewife-ish back then, my how times have changed 🙂 

In the summer right before 7th grade started, 7 days after my 12th b-day I became a sister.  My father and his 2nd wife had a baby, my brother.  I was excited & jealous at the same time.  My whole life it had been me.  There were no other cousins on my dads side and I hardly ever saw my moms side, so most everyones world was me and that changed.  I also was starting to have teen angst and issues with my parents divorce that I held in, but that didn’t come out totally until a few years later.

7th grade was my year to love NKOTB, I loved Joey.  I had the dolls, the tapes, the VHS’s, the jacket, the cards, the posters.  I loved to just listen to them over and over and dream.  I was also a huge Tiffany fan and Debbie Gibson and I remember Love’s Baby Soft was the perfume back in those days.  In addition to those trendy things I also had this fascination with Little House on the Prarie, I would watch it all the time and then also Avonlea.  I think I secretly wished my life happened in a simpler time when families stayed togther.  But for awhile I would try to dress simple and I had this herb garden that I was so proud of and I spent a lot of time in the summer at the Mennonite neighbors farm, doing Bible studies, playing in the woods and on the farm, hanging out with their fresh air kids. They actually gave me my first Bible and I loved to go to their Bible studies. 

That summer I spent a lot of time going to the local amusement parks also.  I loved a ride called the journey to the center of the Earth, it was creepy but not too creepy and I would go on it over and over again.  My friend and I would also take the skyride and one time one of my jellies fell off and I had to hobble around the park after we got off the ride to find it.  At one point in the summer we went to hershey park.  I had so much fun.  I was starting to notice boys and my friend and I met some boys from Colorado and rode some rides with them and had one of those little pictures that you look into the light taken.  I thought this boy was so nice and cute.  We traded addresses and I wrote to him, but I never heard from him.  Speaking of writing for most of my life thru junior high I had a penpal from Albany NY that I met through that Barbie fan club.  We used to write to each other all the time and I was always so excited to get her letters. 

The popular styles from my junior high years were Benneton, Espirit & Guess.  And hypercolor for about a year and Z Cavaricci.  I loved the movie Goonies and would watch it over and over and I still do.  I also liked Stand by Me, but I thought it was a bit daring because of the dead body.  Like most other people I loved the Cosby Show and watched faithfully each week.  I liked Vanessa the best. 

The summer going into 7th grade I went to Disney World for the first time.  My aunt, my grandmother & I drove there.  I had so much fun.  We were there for two weeks.  The summer after 7th grade we drove to New England.  We went to Maine, Rhode Island, Mass.,Conn. and it was awesome.  I loved antiques, art & history so we worked that all into the trip.  It was another 2 week trip.  We stayed at an artists B& B in Maine, and I was so excited.  I loved bonding with my aunt and grandmother. 

Another fascination I had was with Princess Di and England.  I would sit outside and read all about her and dream of living in England and marrying a British person.  Who knows, maybe I put that into action because my husband is British, but not royal.  I just thought so much of her because her parents were divorced too and she had a rocky relationship with them.  I used to dream that I could go to boarding school and get away from my life sometimes, but of course that never happened. 

In 7th grade for Christmas I wanted a Sony Sports Walkman, the yellow kind.  I cut out pictures, dropped hints every time I could.  I wanted one so badly.  Well one day my aunt and grandmother went Christmas shopping and left me home with my grandfather.  Well don’t you know he went and showed me the walkman hidden in my grandmothers drawers and told me not to tell that he gave in.  So I didn’t until after Christmas and don’t you know, my grandmother really told him about himself and after that day never again told him what anyone was getting for Christmas or where it was hidden. 

The last big deal in 7th grade was confirmation.  I had never been to church, other than my neighbors mennonite church.  So my mom told me she signed me up for confirmation class, or else I couldn’t be married at our church ( and I was like I don’t want to get married, I’m in 7th grade), but reluctantly I went as did many of my classmates.  I was not pleased as this would take two years.  I was not the most eager student and I wish I could say that I learned a lot back then, but I didn’t.  I didn’t understand why I was there.  But it did put me on a path that eventually led me back to my church and also kept me involved in church throughout high school. 

Oh and we had dances in junior high.  Again I never danced with a boy, until the 9th grade dance and that’s when we went to meet the other junior high and he was from there.  Looking back, I wonder why kids can be so mean.  I had friends and I enjoyed myself, but because I didn’t fit the typical model boys would never like me and the girls they did like would have never been my friend.  Oh well.  It’s a good thing junior high doesn’t last forever.


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