#2 was a preemie

My second child was a preemie.  She was born at 34 weeks.  It’s scary having a preemie.  For the few days between my hospital and the one I was moved to I was alone.  My husband was at work and my first born was with family.  My friends were doing their normal things.  So I was alone, me and my baby.  Alone when they wheeled me to the ultrasound room and checked on her size and she was sucking her little thumb.  Alone when I sat and wondered what would happen.  Alone when I got wheeled down to the ambulance to take me to the hospital with a level III Nicu.  It was scary, but my new child, the one I had yet to meet was with me.  I knew she was a girl and I thought wow what a way to begin the mother/daughter bonding and outings. 

Like most preemie parents I had no idea she was going to be a preemie.  You don’t spend your first trimester thinking oh this one will come early.  Like most women I was not aware of the complications that can occur in pregnancy other than the normal ones you expect especially as this was baby number two I thought things would progress the same.  My first child was 11 days late, so I planned to be swollen and pregnant the whole summer.

In many ways life was easier to have a preemie the second time around. Yes she was very dainty when we could finally bring her home, and she liked her room dark, and she liked to be swaddled and on a routine, but we weren’t as nervous as we would have been if we didn’t have another child first.  We could manage when she seemed irritable without worrying, we could handle the spit ups and reflux, we knew when to call the doctor and when we could handle things.  We were so blessed and we all just fell into a nice little routine and realized we were a great little family.


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