Mama’s way to say I love you

It’s hard to be a mom. Picking up after everyone, cleaning stuff,every day chores to do.  Sometimes it seems the ones you love don’t realize how much you do for them.  These are some of the ways I show the kids I love them(in addition to hugs & kisses)

-I make their favorite foods-pancakes, cream of chicken soup on toast

-I made cookies & cupcakes, sometimes I add sugar sprinkles

-I straighten up their rooms, because we all know an organized room makes

you feel better

-Read some really cool stories to them

-Involve them in helping others- makind cards & pictures for the old people’s home, donating food to the SPCA, donating food to a food bank, helping with Christmas dinner at church, donating their toys and outgrown clothes to the Salvation Army

-Giving them each a day alone from each other at my grandparents house

-Encouraging them with arts and crafts

-Picking up my husbands dirty clothes

-Buying my husband wings & dark chocolate candy bars

-But the dog and cats some little treats

Just little things but they can go along way to show your family how much you love them.  Sometimes the best thing a mom can think at the end of a long day is that each thing we do is for love.


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