This past year as I’ve been on my way to re-think contentment a lot has changed.  I’ve discovered some great minimalist blogs, like minimalist mom and becoming minimalist and rowdy kittens and miss minimalist.  While I am nowhere near a minimalist, I have really pared back on stuff and on focusing on the life I want.  I want moments and experiences not things and more things.  I’ve been savoring the moments watching my kids and playing with my kids.  I’ve been watching the birds in my feeders through the seasons and even witnessed a hawk twice this year.  I’ve been listening when people talk and watching the cats play.  I’ve been slowing down this holiday season, gifts with meaning, thinking more, being home and together more and just cherishing my family and all the things that bring me peace.  And if you look it’s right there, you just need to stop a bit, slow down a bit and take it all in and that’s really what I want to do.  Over the course of the past year and my look into simplier life my blood pressure has actually come down and I am off the meds.  Which is great and it makes me feel great.  Being uptight and wound up all the time is not a way to live and I am slowly getting there.


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