Tiny moments in a day

Today I am wondering where the day went.  I didn’t do anything to plan or get ready for the holiday, so that’s not my excuse.  I didn’t have any extra cleaning and we ate left overs for dinner, but yet I look at the clock and it’s now night and I wonder where my day went.  There were not any great profound moments today. My kids were like all other kids this time of year, wired and hyper and getting on each others nerves and mine as well.  I am just so tired of them fighting and arguing and not playing.  My dad was calling because my brother is again failing to be a good parent, he is making some bad decisions that impact his child and not caring.  Maybe I was off today, because all around me people are getting ready for traditions and family and together-ness.  New beginnings and good times.  And here we are back in the same position.  Lots to be thankful for and blessed with, but at the same time no family traditions, no celebrations.  I always think why do people get sad about the holidays and why not think about the meaning and not the togetherness and family part of it, but you can’t.  You can’t get around that because that is so built into it.  So today was a day of getting by and time wasted and slight jealousy for people who have lots of family to be with and celebrate with.


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