A-Z of me

A: aunt, I am an aunt of one and one to be born next year

B: Bible- I have 3 Bible’s I use for my regular Bible studies & readings, oh and biblegateway.com too

C: I hate cleaning, my theory is stuff only gets dirty again, but I do it anyway

D: I finally started to take dance class when I was a junior in high school, it stopped at the end of my senior year

E: I find myself full of envy sometimes & I hate it

F: I am both a first born & an only child (my parents are divorced)

G: God is very important to me & I am constantly talking to Him

H: History is one of my favorite things.  Colonial America, Early 20th century, WWII, Biblical times

I: I don’t really like ice cream

J: I was born jaundice and so were both of my kids

K: Ketchup chips are my favs followed by all dressed, both of which are impossible to find in this country

L: Love, my husband demonstrates love like I have never seen

M: Married, I’ve been married almost 13 years

N: NICU my second child was in the NICU for several weeks and that has really changed my view on living

O: I love octopus.  I love it in octopus salad & in stir fry

P: I had pre-eclampsia which resulted in a preemie

Q: I would probably be considered quirky by some

R: Read.  All I do is read and then I read some more.  I love reading.

S: Scrapbooking is another thing I love to do,although I wish I had talent like some of the scrappers featured in Creating Keepsakes

T: I teach Sunday School & I love it.  I never planned on it, but God put me there

U: I never use an umbrella, instead I have a really good Helly Hansen rain coat

V: I like to volunteer, I spend lots of free time doing so

W: I love to go for walks, but never find the time, because it’s a hassle to take a stroller, a dog and a school age child- I like to think and clear my head and that can’t happen

X: I don’t like X-treme things.  I tried snowboarding, zipling, white water rafting & parasailing and none are things I would do again

Y: Yarn is one thing you will never find me buying, I love crafts, but sewing, crocheting & knitting are not crafts for me

Z: My husband says Zed for the letter Z, yes he is British


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