And a smile just came upon me

I am having some issues today, but I still have a few things I am thankful for:

-a child in my sunday school who has a severe speech disorder,recited the Lord’s Prayer to me as a surprise.  It was amazing & it reminded me again how important the Little Ones are to Jesus.  I was beaming from ear to ear

-my husband is on vacation, and he was able to clear my grandfathers car of snow and also to take him to run errands

-the beauty of snow falling

-meds & how much they help when you take them

-fuzzy blankets

-watching my child drink hot cocoa with marshmallows

-anticipating a new warm fuzzy coat

– I saw my mom, dad, best friends, grandparents, brother & aunt within the last few days

-a loan forgiven

-memories of Bermuda and the beach and the smell & the sound

-old houses

-great blogs like My new fav

-ribs and brisket, mac & cheese, green bean and coleslaw- a very yummy dinner indeed

-finding a hairstyle I like and want to grow my hair too

-watching that conspiracy show with Jesse Ventura, not sure what I think but it was interesting

-my kids and the way they loved Christmas




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