Contentment finale

So it’s been a year.  I focused in 2010 different things and ways I have contentment in my life.  What works and what doesn’t.  Why I do somethings and why I don’t do others.  I’ve learned a lot.  I learned that things are never going to make me content long term, people and memories and feelings will.  Things offer temporary contentment, and then if you are like me and debt is involved, guilt and anxiety comes after it.

I learned to stop and take time with the kids, watch nature, go outside, dis-connect from the internet sometimes, be thankful, enjoy the small things.

I learned that this is my life and I have what I am supposed to have, I am blessed but I can’t concentrate and covet what others have. Each person is an individual.

Slow down, live simple, spend less, love more, enjoy, breathe- that’s me and where I want to be.

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