I’m from Jersey

Last night I did a scrapbook page of my husband and I now and then.  I’ve been wanting to do that project for some time and I finally sat down and did it.  It got me thinking.  When I first met my husband we were outside this little shop.  He looked at me and said take me some where.  We had mutual friends so I said sure, we went for some lunch at a diner.  I asked him the basic questions, age, where are you from, what do you like to do.  He told me he was from New Jersey.  I said oh what a smelly state and I believed him, he did have a weird accent too.  Well later on another mutual friend told me he was from Bermuda.  I had known him a few weeks and I really liked him, but I was kind of mad.  Why not just tell me where you are from I asked.  He told me that people have assumptions when you say you are from Bermuda.  Whatever I thought, who goes there but old people & I mean really it’s an island, people live in huts and just hang out on the beach all day and are really chill.  Boy oh boy was I wrong.  Years later when I myself was living there, I started to realize what kinds of responses you get when you say you are from Bermuda.  Wow, do you work?  Where are you from?  Have you ever been to (fill in the blank)? Are you rich?  Why did you move back here?  Like when you have a child and people sometimes will just give you unsolicited advice, same thing with coming from Bermuda.  Everyone seems to have been there and everyone has an opinion.  I still get nervous telling people about my time there, but I do miss it so.


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