What does your home say about you?

This prompt was from plinky.com

My home says warmth and family and love.  My main room is a long living room/office combined that we painted a rich burgandy color.  Some people have told me it’s a daring color, but to me it says warm and welcome.  I sometimes feel like I should have pineapples everywhere since they mean hospitality and I love to have people over.  I have a relaxed home, with dust on the furniture, toys on the floor and crumbs on the floor most days.  I like for people to feel comfortable, I like the kids to be able to play and the dog and cats to sleep on the furniture if they want.  I grew up in a house with breakables and I was always nervous.  This isn’t to say, I am not super organized, I just love having a home.  I have never lived in a house my whole life, so when we bought a home I was so happy, I felt so blessed.  I love to see my kids playing and my husband relaxing or enjoying some food I’ve made for him.  I like to decorate.  I like a mismatch of styles, country, shabby chic, slight minimalism.  The only theme I have is each room has a photo, painting or item related to Bermuda, so we can remember the good times and my kids can see where their father is from.  I want people to leave here feeling comfortable and having enjoyed their time here.  If I could I’d probably have a  B&B because I love to take care of people and entertain.


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