9th & 10th grade

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9th grade was a great year.  I got a penpal from Ghana and that was pretty cool, I loved penpals.   In the fall of 9th grade my grandfather took me to Delaware Park race track to see the Clydesdales.  I was so exicted.  I loved to hang out with my grandfather and I loved horses. Well we were sitting outside and I was having some soup and I spilled it all over myself and it was hot, so I was kind of having a not so comfortable afternoon.  For vacation I went to Virgina Beach with my dad and I had so much fun, it was such a pretty beach.

In 9th grade I had my first kiss, it was on a playground with a boy named Jeff.  If I could change things I would have not be so into boys at such an early age, but now at least I can be a better role model for my kids.

I was on the student newspaper and tv in 9th grade, I also got very interested in track and loved to run.  The year ended with a 9th grade dance when we met the other junior high in our district for the 1st time.

10th grade was a big year.  I left junior high where I was the top grade and was back at the bottom of the school.  I felt like I was on the road to college, taking pre-college classes. 10th grade really only reminds me of lunch.  I loved the salad bar and met my two best friends to this day in the 10th grade.  In 10th grade I started having anger problems and was getting into trouble at home and at school.  I started counseling because I had unresolved issues from my parents divorce.  I needed to straighten up or I was going to be getting kicked out and going to Catholic school. It was also when I stopped being involved with my church.  By the end of the year and the whole summer I worked hard on my attitude, dealt with some issues and straightened myself out.  I was excited for 11th grade and wanted to be back on the good path to college, enough being selfish.


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