11th & 12th grade

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11th grade.  All I remember from 11th grade was that I wanted to make a change.  I ended 10th grade on a bad note, lots of teen angst, fighting with my grandmother, slacking off in school.  11th grade was going to be my year to redeem myself.  In the fall in my school most kids went to football games on a Friday night, you would walk around and around and just go to see friends.  Crisp fall nights always remind of that.  In the fall of my junior year, I went to the 16th party of one of my current best friends.  It’s when we started to hit it off and became a close group of four best friends.  Three of us are still thick as thieves and for that I a grateful. Going into 11th grade we went to the shore to stay with a friend whose parents owned a Chinese restaurant, that was one of the most fun weekends I ever had. I got my drivers liscence in 11th grade, the first of my friends.  11th grade ended with better grades, and me going to the junior dance with giant hair and a dress with a cape-ish thing that made me look like batman and a date who would later go on to be a semi-famous comedian.

The summer going into 12th grade I was applying to colleges and helping with VBS at church.  I wanted to major in broadcast journalism and minor in religion.  I had made it to student council in 11th grade so 12th grade was going to be great.  I had my eyes on a classmate that had this incredible hair.  I loved his hair.  Eventually we ended up talking and ended up dating for the whole senior year.  I really liked him. I thought maybe in the future after college we’d be together but that was not my path in life and I am so thankful for that, but looking back I really thought that would be my life.  In 12th grade we read the Great Gatsby and I did my senior paper on it.  I love that book, to this day it is one of my favorite.  I also created my own reading curriculum in 12th grade because I was reading so much and so fast.  I took photography for the first time and that was pretty cool.  I also took basketweaving.  Our senior class went to Disney World and my best friends and I had such a good time.  It was my first time in a plane.  I was freaking out.  The senior prom was nice, I loved my dress and I was so excited, but my boyfriend who I mentioned earlier decided to tell me that night that things were not working out, seriously what a jerk. My dad wanted to take me on a cruise to Bermuda for my graduation gift and him and my stepmother actually went, but I said no, because I thought it was a place for old people and I didn’t want to go through the triangle. Who would know less than six years later, I’d live there.  The night before graduation I was outside and must have been near a mosquito nest and got bit, maybe 30 times, so for our humid outdoor graduation I was itchy and miserable, luckily we had a small class.  My friends mom was on the school board so she gave me my diploma.  All  my friends and I had plans to go elsewhere, leave the small town behind once we graduated and you know what we did, we all went elsewhere, lived fabulous lives and then came back to small town America, because where your family and friends are is where your heart is.


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