Anything but perfect

I am type A.  We know that.  I am super organized we know that.  I am not perfect and never will be.  I sort of know that, but deep down inside I am always trying to do things just right or to be on top of and controling things just so.  I know it’s fruitless and it drives me crazy, but there is a downside to be type a. 

I subscribe to lots of blogs.  I like decorating blogs, mom blogs, finance blogs & faith blogs.  I like the real blogs.  I see so many posts though about the perfect home & the perfect family and perfect kids.  Posts about schedules and kids toys all neatly in bins, posts about redecorating all the time so your house looks like a magazine.  I like to see stuff like that and I like to read stuff like that, but enough is enough.  I don’t think blogs should set people up to feel like they won’t ever be great.  I don’t think blogs should be so set on perfect living.  I think moms should be more real.  I mean my kids have sort of schedules.  Bed times that vary within 1/2 each night, we stay in our pjs as late as we possibly can in the morning and most nights we don’t put away all the toys.  My husband and I have debt and we can’t do all the house projects we wish we could.  I cook nice dinners, but nothing fabulous all the time and lots of times it’s take away or from a box.  Most moms worry, how will kids treat my kid in school, do my kids watch too much tv (because yes my kids fo watch tv and play computer), but you don’t read about that. 

This year I want to stop trying to be perfect and to be real, for all the mom bloggers out there. This year I am going to be me.


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