Hey Guess What

As long as people have known me I was never one of those people who said oh I can not wait to have kids.  Kids freaked me out & I had no patience and I am pretty selfish.  My husband and I were married 7 years at this point in time and people stopped asking us when we would have kids.  We had cats. 

One night some we went for all you can eat wings with our friends.  I love wings, I was really loving them that night, going plate for plate with my friends husband who can eat more than anyone I had ever met.  A few weeks later, I started to wonder if maybe I was pregnant.  So I went to the doctor.  I didn’t tell my husband, because I didn’t know how. I was scared.  Well after a blood test and a phone call, I found out I was.  Holy cow, my life literally changed in an instant, I never understood that until it happened.  After I told my husband, who was excited( I was still scared and didn’t know what to expect), I called my best friends from work, in my office that did not have walls or cubicles.  They knew straight away as soon as I said guess what.  They were so excited.  My one best friend went out and bought me what to expect when you are expecting and some other books and overnighted them to me, along with a great bookmark about the strength of a woman.

I went to the doctor, got the vitamins and a month later went to meet my doctor for the first time.  He was all of seven years older than me.  He asked if this was planned and I just laughed and said no, he asked if I was excited and I said no.  Meanwhile my husband is as happy as can be.  Eventually things settled down for me and I was excited.  I was just totally shocked.  We waited three months to tell our families, to make sure everything was going ok.  Everyone was happy.  My mom was kind of like oh ok, but I later found out she got off the phone in shock and cried because she was so happy (big family of people being in shock), my dad was like over the moon, because he is very emotional.  Excitement for me turned into sickness.  Not just morning sickness all the time sickness for three months.  I lost weight.  I couldn’t drink still water, it made me sick so I had to drink carbonated water.  It was crazy.  Once that passed I had gained way too much weight and had gestational diabetes, which was scary.  Checking my sugars all the time, restricted diet.  But I was excited I was having a boy, I saw pictures on the ultrasound and I could not wait.  My husband and I even had his name picked out. It was all a very exciting time and I wish I would have journaled my feelings but I didn’t so I wanted to have a place to track them so one day my kids can see.


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