Joy Joy Joy Down in Heart

Joy- I want to document my joy this year.  Each day there is something in this world that brings us all joy.  It could be big or small, shared or extremely personal.  I want to embrace my joy

1/1 Having some great friends to ring in the New Year with.  Such a warm feeling

1/2 Taking a long nap on a Sunday afternoon

1/3 back to my routine

1/4 the whole family sitting down to dinner

1/5 Being the parent helper in playgroup

1/6 researching stock dividends

1/7 holding A. when she was not feeling well-love snuggling w/my kids & easy morning snow-all is quiet, it falls from heaven and looks like glitter, it lands and still sparkles, like angel feathers, to look at it falling, it comes down so fast in such a flashy pattern it was like a movie almost too fast to look at without feeling dizzy

1/8 My grandmothers homemade chicken corn noodle soup the end to a cold snowy day


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