A little bit of a break

So here is something that is kind of embarrassing to admit, we spend most of our money on food & snacks.  Most as in I could pay off more debt if we didn’t always feel like getting snacks and dinner and lunch and breakfast.  When my husband was in a diet competition at work, and I didn’t have to buy snacks or soda, our grocery bill was finally not outrageous, but once that was over we went back to old habits.

We are not healthy eaters. On Sunday we made a donut run and on Monday I brought home wings.  Neither of these things were on the budget.  We had a box of cupcakes and well that was gone in no time too. I should not have even bought them.

I got a small bonus last weekend at work and I had to use it to pay for the extra groceries which I bought again.

This week I read Dave Ramsey total money makeover. It was ok.  There were so many examples of people and not a lot of info.  I know how to budget, I have budgets, spreadsheets, debt paying plans.  I just can’t stop spending on stupid little extra things.  That’s where I mess up.

Also I am late on a store card and they call and call and call. Day and night.  My oldest knows that it’s a bill and I haven’t paid it.  So that’s a little awkward.  I just want to catch up and stay caught up.  That’s it.  Go from there and start to dig our way out of the debt.

By the end of the week, we had a bit more extra money and I paid off one bill and as soon as I buy some stamps bill number two will be paid off.  I was estatic.  It feels good to pay off some debt.  I crossed them off my list and felt really happy, like a good first week and a good sign to changing ways in this debt problem.




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