I think I can

I went skiing last night.  I usually go a few times a season. I went with my friend and her cousin, while our kids did snowboard lessons.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t get scared and nervous skiing.  I used to ski when I was younger.  Then I stopped for about 16 years and started again a few years ago.  My husband told me to go last night, he said maybe you can relax and have fun.  Really I never thought of skiing as relaxing, but I guess that it is one of those things that can relax you.  I mean when I’m on a slope I can manage, I do enjoy swooshing down the mountain, going fast, being outside, looking at nature.  But when I am getting off the lift or going down a trail that’s a little much for me all I think it just relax, go slow, you’ll be fine, remember how to fall,oh I can’t believe I’m doing this.  And I get a little uptight and don’t want to relax. But then I remember how well you sleep when you ski and how nice it feels to know you did something outside your zone.  I woke up today and thanked my lucky stars that I have a friend that helps me get out of my bubble and do fun things I wouldn’t normally do.  And the world feels good today.


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