Continuing on with my 1o1 things to know about me, today I am focusing on training:

-I had a dog trainer.  My dog is a German Shorthair Pointer and he is crazy hyper and he is huge.  I was not used to a dog like this, so we had a dog trainer.  He taught us commands and how to walk the dog and things like that.  I was not very good at it.  My husband laughed because as he put it, I failed but the dog did not.

-I was trained to be one of the fire people at my old job.  We went to the fire company and got training on the various types of fires, various extinguishers and actually had to put out fires.  It was cool, I never thought I would be doing something like that

-I’ve traveled by train alone.  This is the only kind of alone travel I’ve done.  I’ve taken Amtrak to DC.  My friend went to college in DC and I used to hop the train on a Thursday or Friday and go and spend the weekend with her.  It was awesome.  DC is an amazing town.  I was nervous at first taking the train by myself, but one time we pulled up into the station and I walked outside and it was dark out and you could see the Capitol and it was all lit up and just beautiful, like right in your face democracy in action beautiful.  Many other times I would take the train to DC or Philadelphia with my now husband, but those days of traveling by myself and buying my own ticket, were great memories.


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