5 o’clock somewhere

5pm is the worst hour of the day for me as a mom.  The kids are melting down, I am melting down.  I am usually so drained that I don’t even know how I will make it until my husband comes home. 

I don’t get tired from cleaning or caring for the kids.  Making breakfast and lunch and paying bills doesn’t do it.  I get emotional exhausted from having to ask the kids to stop fighting, stop yelling, stop whining.  I get tired because I can’t even brush my teeth or get a load of laundry without someone or more than one someone following me.  There are times when the kids aren’t sharing and the dog is whining and the floor is sticky and the phone is ringing and I just come so close to not knowing which way to turn.

Then it becomes 5 o’clock and we are all tired of each other.  We’ve had enough of the day that we can handle.  Then my husband comes home and I can get maybe 5 mins to myself and it’s on to dinner and the evening schedule or meetings.  Then when I finally get into bed around 11 and read for a few hours my husband wonders why. I can’t give up my reading, it’s the only piece of me that I recognize and that has been with me forever, it’s my serenity, my peace, my escape to somewhere else.  What’s a mom to do.


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