A dog’s life

My dog has the best life.  I sometimes look at him with envy.  He is fed and watered on schedule, he gets as much exercise as he needs, he has his own bed and some favorite spots on the sofa.  He gets snacks and treats and when we go somewhere he is the first one we think of for leftovers, or toys. 

He puts up with my kids playing on him sometimes and doesn’t fuss too much.  He is just a really sweet guy.  All he wants in return is a nice ear scratch and to know we will come back when we leave (he has a bit of seperation anxiety). 

In my dog I see trust, companionship, love, faithfulness and the full enjoyment of life.  He doesn’t seem to worry about things and his needs are met.  If only I could rely more so on God and putting my trust there, and less on myself.  I need to get to that point of trust and letting go, just like my dog.


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