I have a queen size bed.  When I was first married I had a double futon.  So to me we are living large.  I have friend with California kings,as nice as that would be, it wouldn’t fit in the stairwell of my old victorian house.

My grandparents have had a double bed their whole lives and the same for my friends grandmother.  When we started talking about bed sizes and back in the day, it got me thinking.  Like everything nowadays people seem to think bigger is better.  I like my queen, it’s a nice size for my hubby and I and we are not small people.  If one of the kids is feeling sick, we can squeeze them in too.  My 100 pound dog also squeezes himself in.

So why do we feel the need to supersize everything including beds?  I am learning so much from how my grandparents lived and trying to apply it to my life.  They didn’t do credit, they saved.  They used leftovers.  They fixed things instead of getting new, they kept clothes for as long as possible.  They passed things on to someone else when they couldn’t use them.  I want to add some of these elements back into my life, I want to always know a small bed, with dry sheets, and a roof over my head and love in my heart is as good as it can get.


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