Life in the slow lane

I used to live on an island.  And yes life on an island is all about going slow. We had jobs and bills and issues like everyone else, but when you live on an island you know how to relax and how to socialize and how to not sweat the small stuff.  When I came home from work, work was over.  When it was a holiday it was for relaxing and being with friends and family.  I felt content and at ease. 

I remember Sunday’s particularly.  I didn’t go to church back then but on Sunday’s all the businesses were closed.  There were some places you could go for brunch or a lingering lunch, but other than that, we would stay home, read, sit outside, go to the beach, go for a ride,swim, watch tv, nap, visit friends- all the things you think you’d like to do if you only had the time.  I had the time, I didn’t have distractions.  Life was good.  I want to rediscover joy and peacefulness like that again.  I want to stop and notice the small things, not stress over everything.  I want to live on island time 200 miles from the ocean.  If there was a way to bottle up that attitude I would be the worlds most popular person but since I can’t I need to figure out how to do that for myself and my family.  I want us to just be on the weekends.  No running errands, no running around, no fussing, just some nice leisurely family time so we can go into the next week refreshed.


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