Come to the room

Six years ago today I was sitting around.  Yesterday would be my last day at work for almost three months.  The longest I would ever be off work.  I was sitting around being excited and scared and not knowing what to expect.  I wanted to rewind, to freeze to stay the same. I was expecting my first child.  I knew I was going to be induced on the 17th.  When you are pregnant the first time you never know what to expect.  Life changed.  My happiness changed.  My heart grew from my chest into this my little bundle of life. The night my baby was born, my best friends came and so did my grandmother, aunt, father & brother.  I was so excited. This was in a snowstorm- so you know there was love in that room. 

Three years later when I was in hospital because of pre-eclampsia and found out I was being moved to the city, to a hospital with a NICU, I called one of my friends and cried and cried.  I couldn’t get ahold of my husband.  The new hospital was 50 miles away.  My two best friends drove down the day I got there to wish me luck and cheer me up.  The next day when my little bundle of joy came into this world really early my friends drove there.  They went to see my baby and took pictures so I could see her ( I have tears just thinking of this), I was not allowed to leave my room, because my pressure was still too high. It was the first time I saw her, other than a quick glance before she was whisked off.  My camera was not working, so we didn’t have a digital.  Things get kind of busy and unplanned when you have a premature baby.  The next day when I was crying and depressed because I was sick, I was worried about my baby, I missed her, I wanted to go home, I wanted to hold her and my one friend was about 10 mins away,I told my husband to send her away, and like a good friend she knew I needed some space and some sleep, so she went back home and came another day loaded down with reese cups and gossip magazines.  My friends rock.  The theme for national blog posting month this month is friends.


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