when you’re happy & you know it put it on your blog

Joy for the week:

1/9 my husband went to church and sat through a service without me, it was amazing. He enjoyed it and did not complain. Thank you Jesus!

1/10 Skiing with my friends. Having my best friend “climb” up the snowing mountain to get me out of a ditch when I skied off course, in the 20 degree weather. Amazing. I love my friends.

1/11 watching the little birds in my feeder load up on food before the snowstorm

1/12 Hearing that my son articulates his words very well

1/13 My husband coming home to take care of me when I am sick with a stomach bug

1/14 Sugared donuts from my husband after a long day at work

1/15 A nice cup of hot tea first thing in the morning


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