Shot and keeps on going

5 years before I was born my dad’s friend shot him in the chest.  The bullet was about 1/4 inch from his heart.  My dad had someone drive him home & he walked into my grandparents house, white as a ghost (from all the blood loss) and asked my grandmother if she could help him.  My grandmother called the doctor who called the hospital and they got ready for my dad.  This was in the 60’s, there was not very much GSW in the local hospital, they are not even equiped for it now, they send GSW’s to a larger trama hospital.  But there were some incredible doctors there that day, who stopped dad’s bleeding, patched him up, gave him blood and kept him alive.  They never recovered the bullet, so somewhere this bullet is still in my dad. 

This is a story I have known my whole life.  My dad was always accident prone and prone to do stupid things, like messing around with a hunting rifle.  I don’t think my dad has ever mentioned it to me or told me his side of the story, but I always hear about how it was amazing he was still alive.  A few months ago my grandmother told me again her version of the story.  I can not imagine how she felt seeing her teenage son walking into her home bleeding out. I can not imagine her being calm enough to call the doctor.  I can imagine her taking care of him afterwards. She is a great caregiver.  If I am sick or my kids are sick, I call her first to see what she thinks. 

The downside to this is that my father had PTSD, but was not diagnosed until way later in life. So for most of my life he drank & gambled.  He was unstable and would disapoint me quite often.  He has always been a good dad, extrememly emotional & very spirtual, so I am extremely proud of him because he quit drinking about 6 years ago or more and never went back.  He is proof that your life can change and prayers are answered.  I am very thankful for God for being with my dad throughout his whole life.


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