Mom has cabin fever

In my mind I am at the Outer Banks or Bermuda, where I will be vacationing this summer.  I am not buried 18′ in snow.  I am not freezing. I am not thinking about the weekend snow and the snow again next week.  I am not thinking about how snowdays from school just make the kids rowdy. I am in my mom brain thinking about the beach and hot tubs and warm and reading. 

My oldest loves the snow. He bundles up and shovels with dad and sleds with dad and just rolls around in it.  My youngest and I sit inside and enjoy the roof and heat. 

When you are a kid, you love snow.  I used to spend all day making snow forts, houses, snow kitchen with icicle dishes.  I would play, get frozen, go inside and go right back out.  At night I would play inside and do crafts and just relax.  I loved snow days.  I would sled on the neighbors farm.  Later on I would go skiing, when I got older.  Then I was in high school and in the month of January we had school 3 days, because of ice storms.  We lost power and no one could go anywhere for days.  It got old.  Then in March we had a blizzard, it was a rough senior year.  A few years later when I met my now husband we had just met and couldn’t spend anytime together because during December & January we had blizzards.  After that I was over snow.

Then I lived on an island and I never missed the cold or snow.  Now I am a mom and living back in the States and this is our second year in a row of crazy snow.  The kids get antsy, I get bored and we just watch the days until spring when we can go to the park. 

Where does your mom brain take you in the winter?


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