Hot Sauce mom and why I wish I could dump hot sauce down her throat

I was not aware of this hot sauce mom that was on Dr Phil.  I was also not aware that hot sauce was an “acceptable” method of discipline for some parents. I just watched a clip from the Today show and I am am sad and I am steaming.  I have two kids not six, and there are days when they are driving me up the wall.  Long before my children were born my husband and I decided we were not going to be spanking parents.  I don’t think a grown up spanking or hitting a small child is fair or effective.  And yes there are people out there who will argue with me about that.  There are people who will insist this is the only way that children learn discipline and respect.  I was raised with a wooden spoon and you know what it did nothing but terrorize me.  So to sit here and see this woman forcing her 7 year old, who is sitting there terrified to drink hot sauce all non-chalant like it’s orange juice and then to take an ice cold shower, well you know what Jessica Beagley deserves jail where maybe someone will terrorize her or try to control her.  That is what she is doing, she is trying to control an uncontrollable situation. She has six kids, she should have better parenting skills than that and if she can’t handle six kids then maybe she should not have become a parent in the first place. Then there is the fact that this child is an adopted child from Russia, are you really providing him with a better life?  I mean you are using torture, you sick sick person.  Like all moms I have days when the kids are bringing me to the end of my rope, so what do I do?  I do time out, I do Magic 1 2 3, I stop computer and Wii time.  I don’t resort to being less than a human being and putting them to the test just because I could.  I mean really Jessica Beagley maybe you should read a “Child called It”, you tactics are similar to what that child endored.

The only thing that will happen here is that her children will grow up unstable and filled with anxiety and one day they will be the parents who may do the hot sauce/cold shower thing too or even worse than that, so instead of raising good kids with a respect and compassion for others, she’s raising kids to fear authority and emphasizing that in order to gain the upper hand you need to do it with fear, control and torture.

I can not stand people like this.  It’s not so much a mom who can’t control/discipline as much as a person who needs to be in charge.  The way she easily “dishes out” these punishments, makes me shudder.  She has a method, she has had practice.  These poor kids.  And no it is not the same as offering your children Mexican food or spicy food.  I’ve been feeding my kids Mexican, Thai & Indian since they were little.  But I have never forced them to take a large bite of something spicy and not have the option to “spit” it out if they didn’t like it.

So there’s my two cents on this issue.  I usually don’t get so worked up, but just the way she carried herself on the video, what an unsuitable person.

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