More of my 101 things

Some more info about me:

-I used to drive a moped everywhere and I owned rain gear that made me look like a deep sea fisherman. Rain is not cool on a moped

-I’ve ridden in a convertible lots of times ( my best friend used to have one)

-I’ve been in a limo 3 times.  Once for a hen night, once for the wedding for the hen night and once to drive to the Aidorondacks for the weekend

-I’ve ridden horses.  I also rode on a camel and an elephant

-I’ve been in 3 weddings.  The first was on a boardwalk in NJ, the second on a ski slope and the third in a church, but with a trolley for the transportation

-in my life I’ve found 2 kittens.  Gatsby & Declan, both of which still live with me.  Gatsby outside my house and Declan in the middle of the road on my way  home from work

-I lived abroad for a few years.

-I had 3rd row seats to see the Jonas brothers and it was a great concert.  And yes it was taking my kids there not just me

-one summer my summer job was painting and I had to paint buildings.  I was one of the only people who could paint up high and not get sick.  Painting was relaxing

-I’ve been dirtbiking and fourwheeling, I loved dirtbiking

– I used to work on Hamilton harbour in Bermuda, which means I could see Harbour road and the water from my office floor

-I’ve had my palm read a few times, even though my grandmother told me never to do that & I had my crystal read

-I had hair extensions for some time and they were a cool lavender color

-I broke my small toe bone once



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