My place in the room

I’ve been sitting on the sofa with my netbook and some catalogs and magazines for the past few days.  I haven’t felt like doing anything.  Yesterday I went grocery shopping because of the threat of bad weather again.  It’s cold & gloomy outside, my child never has school because of the weather and both of my children have been fighting over toys like cats and dogs for the past three weeks.  The winter is not cool.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see new snow, beautiful falling snow, glistening snow.  I love when my kids can go sledding with my husband and my dog runs around trying to eat the falling snow.  I love when my son can go snowboarding and sometimes I myself like to ski.  But when it’s icy I don’t like it.  I don’t like being inside with the kids all day long.  All I want to do is sit in my pjs, eat snack/junk food and get take away for dinner.  I also just want to sleep and nap.  I don’t think I am depressed,but I am so not feeling this.  I don’t have the urge to do stuff. It’s just frustrating.  I try to keep the kids occupied and not just be watching tv/playing computer, but sometimes it’s easier.

I just don’t have energy.  When will winter be over?


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