Seeing is different

Yesterday I wrote about how upset I was by that hot sauce mom.  I kept thinking about it all day and night. I posted the story link on Facebook, I told my husband & my grandmother.  I couldn’t understand why this was effecting me so much.  Then I realized seeing & reading are two totally different things. 

Everyday I read online (I gave up the nightly news last year, when our local station started news at 3am until what 10am and then again from 4pm until 7pm and again at 11pm).  I felt immediately lighter and less negative.  The news is a very negative 30 mins, peppered in with one or two segments each show about some uplifting story. So I get my news online.  I tweet and I read several news sources all day long.  So yes I have seen horrible stories of child abuse and neglect, there was one recently about an awful abortion doctor in Philadelphia, that made my heart ache and my skin crawl.  But reading and seeing are two different things. 

There are too many local news stories of people drugging their kids, beating their kids, harming their kids, exploiting their kids.  There’s stories about kids starving and being exploited all over the world and I get sad and I think about the stories.  But then I can usually just think it’s news, and life has lots of bad things in it.  But to see this mom doing this to a poor helpless innocent child was too much.  It was horrifying as an adult to sit there and watch this and wish so much someone her own size and age could give her a taste of her own punishment.  As some experts said you should never use a punishment on a child that you wouldn’t do to an adult and I would never treat another human or animal like this awful woman treated her child.  

I can’t stop thinking of  this poor child.  He was adopted from Russia so he probably spent time in an orphanage.  Then he comes here and this is the only life he knows.  This woman’s cold, evil punishments, her lack of patience and flexibility in dealing with a child.  I don’t know her but based on her actions I would think this is someone who runs her home like a bootcamp and that is not a way for a child to live.  Children need love, support and guidance. They need to know that in this crazy world they can always come home and have support and care and someone on their side.  This has opened my eyes to how desensitized I have become to reading news versus seeing it.  It’s hard to have empathy and want to work for change if you just see words on the screen.


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