I love food. One of my hobbies is going to Wegman’s or going out to eat or cooking.  So since I am always going places and trying new foods I wanted to share that with you.

Over the weekend my family and I tried Chili’s.

I LOVED it.  When we go out we go all the way.  We started with the chips and salsa.  The salsa was so fresh and the chips were homemade and tasted like they were made 5 seconds before we got them.  Even my picky oldest child was enjoying it.  Then we shared a 1/2 order of the Texas cheese fries.  They were the best fries I have ever had.  The fries again tasted about as homemade as you can get and the toppings were just right.

I ordered a corn on the cob, which I thought could have been more buttery.  But I got the shrimp tacos.  Wow. The sauce was nice, the tacos were stuffed but not so much that it gets all over you.  So good.  My husband had a burger that he loved and the kids each enjoyed their meals- quesadias and pizza, with fries and fresh veggies.  Everything was amazing.  I jokingly asked my husband if we could go back for dinner and then lunch again the next day.  That is one place we will be going back to a lot.


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