My cup(s) of joy

My joy moments from the last few weeks:

2/6 my husband is my best friend 🙂
2/7 my heart melted when my son told me he took money from his pocket to give to the collection in school for cancer patients (when I forgot to send some money in), great teachable & proud moment
2/8 Chocolate covered pears- anniversary gift from heaven- yummy
2/9 Hugging and kissing away boo boos
2/10 napping w/my baby when she has a cold
2/11 Home
2/12 taking w/my daughter on the phone
2/13 my son teaching my daughter her sounds
2/14 Pap surprising me w/homemade ham & string beans for dinner
2/15 laughter @ a meeting
2/16 roses from valentines day to look at when getting ready in the am
2/17 hearing stories from the school day
2/18 Watching my grandfather get exicted to eat the same snacks my kids like
2/19 watching my cats nap


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