10 things on Tues about me

-I’ve gone snowboarding. I like skiing a lot better, but I tried it.  My oldest child on the other hand is really good at snowboarding

-I’ve been an assistant to the butchering process of lambs and goats.  Yes.  I’ve stuck my hands in a freshly slaughtered animal, which is still warm and cut up little pieces of meat and placed the head/repro. organs in a bag & box, like my own version of Mike Rowe’s dirty jobs

-I’ve been deep sea fishing where the water is so dark it’s purple.  Back in the day in Bermuda. Kind of freaky not being able to see land, but so beautiful and peaceful.

-I worked in a shipping company.  I did account payable for an international shipping company and that was kind of cool to see what people brought into the island

-I’ve ziplined.  Yes it was very cool to be flying through the trees

-I’ve swam naked, on a private island under a full moon.

-I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve in style in several swanky hotels over the years, but nothing is as grand as a party with your best friends at one of your houses.

-I barely passed statistics.  I had a D and only because my husband let me cheat from him.  I hated stastics. I answered the last test by doing 1 problem and also writing my name, then I walked out of the room while everyone else finished.

-I learned to cook and not in home ec class.  I learned to cook a few years into marriage otherwise we would have gone poor from eating out all the time.

-I painted a really cool oil panting of birds.  I did it when I was younger and took classes in painting.  I loved to paint and I love the smell of paint and the feeling of putting paint to canvas.


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