Happiness is snow

I hate ice.  I hate falling on ice, I hate getting stuck on ice, I hate driving in ice.  I do love snow though.  I love glistening snow falling at night.  I love fresh big flakes falling in the daytime. I love watching my dog bark and roll around in the snow and my kids get excited to be bundled up and let loose on sleds.  I love skiing in real falling snow so your life really is a snow globe.  I love skiing on “hero” snow since I’m not that great of a skiier.  I love seeing a ski trial newly groomed and waiting for someone to come down.  Last night I loved snow tubing.  I loved flying down a mountain on a tube, flying over the bumps and feeling so out of control. It was scary, but it was fun.  It was something I needed.  It woke something in me.  I don’t always need to do things just to do them or to do them for others, I can take time for me and to enjoy and be free and do something really fun.  I can snow tube or ski.  I can leave my worries and issues at the bottom of the lift and just be me with nature.  Me with fun, me feeling like a kid again.  Me forgetting my never ending to do list or the bills to pay.  Sometimes you just need to do something wild and fun and crazy to remind you that you are alive.


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