Wish I had Mo Money

So it’s been awhile since I wrote about this.  I wish I could be like all those other blogs and be like oh wow, extra cash at work, bonus money and debt is slowly going down.  But I am human and I am weak when it comes to shopping, especially for my kids or buying food.  Here’s a synopsis of how it’s been for a few months:

-My hubby got his annual bonus and I did pay down some debt, we talked about how I haven’t paid down as much as I could have, but again it went up

– I had an extra $200 for me & I still went over at grocery store, bought some toys

-coming up short again, can never reach that point of balance and extra money and when I got some extra money instead of debt payment I felt like treating my family to some new stuff

-still paid some bills a week or so late and got lots of annoying phone calls

-always feel like I sort of need to keep up with my friends

-felt caught up and better for a week and then it went downhill again-so frustrating, can’t seem to ever get ahead

-on a good note paid down almost all of emergency cc and that felt good and then bought groceries, gas & lunch w/cc  and was at an awesome-ingly low amount, feel down and frustrated

-planning tax money to pay down some more debt

-it’s cold here and we got another huge oil bill, after paying 1 off

-spending on food & toys & things I would usually be really frugal about, with bonus money

-unplanned medical bills that we have to pay out of pocket now for our insurance

-each month doing budget and coming up short as usual for next month and late phone calls are coming in as usual

-paid off lease, buying car- no more lease, then only buying used in future- car needs to be inspected and last payment made earlier than expected

There it is.  My failed attempts again to really spend better and get rid of the debt.  I mean I know how to manage money and spend well for the most part, I just don’t ever have what I need to tackle the debt and when I do, it’s just so hard to get anywhere…



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